Gloria Steinem, Professor Maloney and students prep in FDR’s library (where he wrote the New Deal and the first female cabinet Secretary was selected) for the Press Conference.
Formal photo of Hunter students, and feminist leaders before the official kickoff of the petition drive. (From left to right back: Roosevelt House Director Harold Holzer, public health senior Asia Khan, political science junior Maya Mouldi, political science junior Andrew Loka, Human Rights Director at Roosevelt House Jessica Neuwirth, political science junior Lyle Reed, ERA Coalition Board Member Carol Jenkins…bottom from left ERA President Zakiya Thomas, Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Leader in Residence Carolyn Maloney, Hunter College President Jennifer Rabb, longtime-feminist leaders Gloria Steinem and Eleanor Smeal.
Professor Maloney and her students (Andrew Loka, Human Rights Director Jessica Neuwirth, Roosevelt House’s Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Leader in Residence Carolyn Maloney, Asia Khan, Hunter President Jennifer Raab, Maya Mouldi and Lyle Reed.
Those on the front line of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment: Eleanor Smeal, Carolyn Maloney, Carol Jenkins, Zakiya Thomas, Gloria Steinem and Jessica Neuwirth
Prominent New Yorkers Carolyn Maloney and Gloria Steinem take a friendly photo before the official rollout of the Hunter College student-led Sign4ERA National Petition.
Hunter President Jennifer Raab welcomes everyone and gives opening remarks to the official rollout of the Equal Rights Amendment petition. Over 300 people were in attendance.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) becomes the very first official signature of the Hunter student-led Sign4ERA petition.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) remarks on his own connection to the Equal Rights Amendment—including remarking that he wishes for a world in which his granddaughters are seen as equal before the U.S. Constitution.
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem signs the petition.
Ms. Steinem remarks on the critical need for the ERA (and the fact that the United States is the only modern democracy in the world that does not explicitly offer equal rights regardless of gender in the Constitution.)
The Hon. Carolyn B. Maloney signs the petition which her student leaders help to create and organize.
Hunter College senior public health major Asia Khan speaks on the prevailing pay gap between men and women in the United States and how the Equal Rights Amendment will help to close it once and for all.
Hunter College junior political science major Lyle Reed remarks on the relationship between the ERA and reproductive rights—and how the ERA will also offer protection to queer Americans throughout the United States.
Student speakers sit among the audience while the Sign4ERA petition program continues.
Feminist leaders, Hunter College students, and community members celebrate the official rollout of the Sign4ERA petition in partnership with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
The audience pauses for a group picture with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. ERA Now!
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer smiles with packed audience following the official rollout of the Hunter-student led petition drive on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment.
Notable feminist leader Eleanor Smeal speaks on behalf of the deepening urgency for an Equal Rights Amendment within the United States Constitution.
Jeanne Waller and Dean Bailin perform the ERA Anthem, written and composed by Mr. Bailin and masterfully performed by Ms. Waller and Mr. Bailin.
The Hon. Carolyn B. Maloney closes the ceremony and urges everyone to sign the petition and share widely with their networks.