Why Sign4ERA.org?

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) has already been passed by Congress and ratified by 3/4th of the States.  The only step needed to enshrine the ERA as the 28th  Amendment for the U.S. Constitution is for Congress to now vote to place it in the Constitution.

The purpose of Sign4ERA is to build massive nationwide pressure on Members of Congress, candidates for Congress, the Presidency and, in fact elected officials at all levels of government to cease treating women as second-class citizens by granting them equality in the U.S. Constitution.

The Dobbs decision, overturning Roe v. Wade, by a radical right-wing, Supreme Court with its predisposition for turning back the clock has created real dangers to not only to women’s reproductive health and contraception, but also to gains made in marriage and LGBTQ rights, but also to education, pay and employment opportunities and a wide range of additional progress women have fought for and won over the past 50 years.

Today, with the rise of vehement, mean-spirited, anti-woman  and determined rise of right-wing extremism –especially in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress more than ever we need the permanent protection of the Equal Rights Amendment.

That’s why a team of students, leaders of scores of women’s and civil rights organizations and committed citizens have created Sign4ERA, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with the sole purpose of enlisting millions of Americans to sign a Petition demanding that the ERA now be placed in the Constitution.

This Petition is part of a massive nationwide intergenerational and interracial mobilization that includes voters in their teens to voters who have been in this fight for more than 50 years.  Young people, especially young women,  overwhelmingly support the ERA. They don’t want to be the first generation with fewer rights and older voters demand that Congress finally recognize their rights. 

The older generation want the long battle for equality won at last.  Enough is enough. Too many voters have been cheated long enough. The overwhelming majority of Americans want the ERA in our Constitution.